As well as being one of the world’s biggest and best websites for downloadable classroom display resources, printable activities and games; we also create apps and games for use in the classroom and also apps that allow you to browse and download our printable resources whilst on the move.

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Built by teacher's pet

Rather than outsourcing the development, we build all our apps in-house! So you know that you are getting the same level of quality that you have come to expect from Teacher's Pet! We test all of our apps relentlessly to ensure they work perfectly!

highly interactive and fun

Learning is easier when it's fun, we spend lots of time making sure that our games are colourful, engaging and incredibly fun to play! Where possible we also try to create printable resources to be used alongside the interactive game!

updated regularly

Just because we release a new app doesn't mean that our older apps get forgotten about. We ensure that we update and improve apps on a regular basis by adding new features. If you should ever discover a bug, let us know and we will fix it, ASAP!

  Priced fairly

We understand that schools are on very tight budgets at the moment and that teacher's aren't made of money either! So we promise that we won't take the same approach that many other educational app developers take by overpricing apps.

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If you have found this page via twitter or via a recomendation, you may not know that we also make downloadable classroom display resources, activities and games. Be sure to visit our other websites for more info!


Use the slider below to check out our apps, some of the apps will work right in the browser thanks to Adobe Flash Player, others will require you to install the app on your iPhone or iPad via the Apple App Store. If downloading from the App Store, don’t forget to leave a nice rating!


Wilfred the Wolf

Time expert & master of clocks

Wilfred the wolf loves howling at the moon and helping children to tell the time. You can find him on the iPad app 'What Time is it, Mr. Wolf?' Wilfred was given his name by 'Nicholas McMahon' - one of our awesome facebook community members!

Dexter the Dog

Mascot and 'Top Dog'

Dexter is the mascot of Teacher's Pet, he is lovingly featured on every single one of our websites, he also helps us write our regular newsletter 'Dexter Mail' - make sure you subscribe! Dexter also helps you type faster with 'Balloon Burst'

Pirate Pete

Treasure Hunter

Pirate Pete is the worlds greatest treasure hunter. His app, 'Pirate Pete's Trash or Treasure' is in development and will be released soon! Keep yer eye on the facebook page for more, arrrr!

Neil Anderthal

Shape expert and wheel maker

Neil loves rocks! He loves eating them, throwing them and collecting them, but above all else he loves to use his tools to create lots of weird and wonderful shapes from them. His app, based around 'Shape Space & Measure', is in development and will be available soon!


Have you found a bug in one of our apps? Do you want some more info about any of our apps? Then get in touch using the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!